Thursday, July 8, 2010

Craft/Sewing Rooms

Hi all!

It's nice to have a short week because at least to me it doesn't feel like it should be Thursday already. I'll take it!!

I thought today I would talk about craft/sewing rooms. As a girl that loves to sew, scrapbook, and craft and has way too much ribbon, fabric, tissue paper, glue, paint, and other supplies....I think I NEED a craft room. Don't you? I look forward to the day when (I'm hoping) I can have a room (even if it's very small) all to myself to properly organize all my supplies and be able to spread them out.
Most importantly I would love to have a place where I can start a project and if I can't finish I can still leave it spread out everywhere. I would love to be able to just shut the door and walk away. See, because we're renting I have my craft/sewing space in our guest room, which is visible from the living room and because I have OCD I have to clean up even if I'm not finished. Which makes for a lot of hauling stuff out and putting it away......then hauling it out again.

I'm kicking myself because my mother in law (love you, Nancy!) has the most beautiful craft room and I should have taken pictures to show you when we were home a few weeks ago. She has a table that is big enough that a few Christmas' ago we were both making a scrapbook at the same time and even though it was tight we made it work. I could go on and on but I'll just mention that she has those wonderful long drawers perfect for scrapbook and wrapping paper. Maybe next time I'll remember to ask and take a picture....

Here are a few craft rooms I have saved for inspiration!

I love the moulding in this one and the table and stools are cute but not practical at all without backs to them!
This is an old Pottery Barn picture

I need shelving like this!

I saved the best for last. I LOVE those last 2 rooms!

Anyone else want a craft/sewing room?



  1. I DO! I DO! I DO!! so desperately.

  2. My craft room is an absolute disaster. My husband had planned to start working on it back in April... all the wood has just been sitting in our garage collecting dust. I think it will snow here in Florida before this room ever gets completed!


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