Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy Labor Day!

I'm in the middle of a project so no after pictures yet but I at least wanted to give you a peek into what I'm working on. When I ran across this dresser at a local thrift store I knew it was a find. It was marked $35 but I walked away with this beauty for $20 and yes, she did fit in the back of my Prius. Once thing I didn't know I would love about my new car is how many things I can fit in the back, furniture included!

I included 2 pictures so that you can see the curve of the front more clearly. Also, please notice the legs and scalloping detail on the bottom....LOVE!
The height of this piece is perfect for an entryway table, a dresser, or maybe a console in a future office. I haven't totally decided where it will go.......yes, this is a piece for our future home.....don't judge.

Any thoughts on color?



  1. What a find! I love it! I'm no help on color, I don't think you could go wrong with anything on that piece!

  2. Thanks! I'm leaning toward black with glass knobs :)


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