Thursday, September 23, 2010

White Walls

I have a busy day of running errands and hopefully putting the finishing touches on my beautiful dresser. I'm hoping I can find pretty knobs for not too much money since I need 12 of them. I went to Anthropologie and while I loved several of them they were $6-10 each and that's a bit much considering I'm trying to do this as inexpensively as possible. Wish me luck!

One thing that Jacob and I face time and time again as we move around is the challenges of apartment living. We have lived in a variety of apartments with a variety of layouts but they all have one thing in common.....white walls. Here are several inspirational images of beautiful rooms with crisp white walls. All images found here.

I am in love with the art, the curves of the couch, and just the overall feel of the space

I love the different fabrics and the beautiful mirror

I need those white accent chairs

This reminds me of our bedroom set and our bedding, which is also white and green

Do you have white walls in your home or apartment?


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